Friday, 30 March 2007


I laughed so much today that i literally had tears in my eyes.. I seriously am gonna miss the people with whom i commute daily to my office.. They are just so much fun :)

And I have one more reason to be happy.. I talked with an 8 yr old girl today.. She is studying in 1st class, and i am sponsoring her education.. It is just so satisfying to do a good deed.. She was so nervous that she spoke in whispers in the beginning.. :) And she called me aunty :( :( I remembered "Aunty mat kaho" from an old serial "Hum Panch".. lol.. And she pronounced my name as some Dolly chhavera.. :( anyways i told her my sirnme is sapra and pls call me didi instead.. :D pata nahi agli baar kya bulayegi ab wo..
And i later learned from the office spokeswoman that she was talking on phone for the first time.. And was very excited to talk.. :) I might call her a bit more often just to make her happy :)

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