Wednesday, 6 December 2006


Well, HAPPY BUDDAY to my blog :) Its been an year since i started blogging.. made so many friends here... All your comments, disagreements or agreements :), anecdotes from your personal life, inspirational words, jokes, and everything else helped me grow in many ways..I LOVE YOU !! :) And i love this blogspot page of mine :)


  1. happy budday to the blog :)

    am happy for you and the time you have spent here... trying to remember how and when we started talking... its been very very nice knowing you...

  2. Many many happy returns of the day, dear!!!

    I still remember when you started this blog shifting from rediff blogs :) You have grown up, blog!! :P

  3. congrats!!

    the pleasure has indeed been a year down, and many more to come!

    ~cheers!!! :)

  4. hey missed being here earlier, but belated wishes:) even I completed a year some time in october:) it's such a special day no? hope u continue blogging:)