Tuesday, 10 January 2006

change me? ehh!!

Why does everyone wants evryother person to change??? I wanto change something in everyone around me..
MOM: to scold a little less and worry less..
PAPA: to be more conservationalist..
BROTHER: to be a little more reliable..
MY BEST FREN IN COLLEGE: to giggle a little less and be serious atleast for some of the time..

and this changing fever is not only restricted to myself.. evryone else wants to change something or the the other in evryone..My mom wants me to change into someone more feminine and a homely person.. My papa wants me to marry soon.. My friends want me to speak a li'l less loudly n subtly.. MY best fren wants me to be more patient n cry a li'l less..

Do you wanto to change others too? whom n why?any answers?

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