Sunday, 11 December 2005

About Me

yahoooo!!!!!!!! finally exams are over... masti karne ke din aa gaye hai :) i'll be leaving late night nd 2rrw early morning i'll be home... and that probably means i'll be a li'l less online..

20 things about me... i am not tagged by any one but just liked someone else's "20 things about her" and since i've nothing to do till i leave in few hours, i decided to tell u all somethings abt me... so here i go...

1. I hate cooking.Though i can make many indian dishes, i loathe the time i have to spend in my kitchen, which i have regularly partly becos i am regularly reminded by my mom that u r a girl n so shd know how to cook and partly becos I believe cooking is a skill u need to survive in any place..

2. I love to chat on phone.The only thing my parents were happy about, when i left home to live in a hostel, was the phone bill.I can chat nonstop for hours, and my maximum record being from 10pm to 5:30am with my best fren.. dont ask me how i lived through the next day in my college..
3. I have a huge craze for earrings.I have a collection of 100+ earrings(i stopped counting after i crossed 80), which includes all colours, shapes nd sizes.. longest one 1" below my shoulders (which i never showed to my mom)
4. I like colours... all colours. and i cant say "this is my fav color".. evry color has its own charm and its own quality.. A bright color can brighten up anyday..
5. I have many frens in my life... and i have noticed, gals can never befriend other gal without a slight touch of jealousy and bitchiness.. i have just one gal-fren with whom i can share my felings.. rest all are guys.. n ofcourse they r there whenever u need help.. they can listen patiently, they can help monetarily :) they can help u in selecting the best gizmo :) n then they know how to handle other guys whom i dont wanto talk to :)
6. I love to dance nd party.. I can dance from morning till evening.. i've been going to dance classes since last 3 yrs nd i never knew dance can be so much fun.. i like discs and djs.. happiness i get after i dancing is comparable to the happiness of a child after having a chocolate or icecream :))
7. I looooove to go on a jog in baunta,near delhi univ north campus.. the lush green environment makes me feel so good.. fresh air is rarely found in delhi, so baunta is like heaven. and sometimes i like to see monkeys playing around.. child monkeys are a pleasure to watch.
8. My room is the messiest room in my mom start yelling at me to clean it up whenever she comes upstairs to see my room..I recently put up a poster syaing "my room - love it or leave it", with ofcourse a show of how messy can a room get.. :)
9. I like evrything that is romatic.. romantic songs, M&B novels, couple dances, candle light dinners, heart shaped stuff toys etc.etc. I wd love to have someone in my life who likes to gift me something that will be useful as well as is soooo very beautiful, and not only when there is an occasion..
10. I like to give gifts and hand-made cards to evryone but *sigh* no one returns my effort.. i always hope someone will be thoughtful enough to gift me with something with no occasion at all..
11. I think i should change my 20-thing to 10-thing...Its difficult to write so much about ur self.. whenever i think i cant go on i'll stop this post..
11.(the actual one) I hate tea n potatoes.. sometimes i wonder what do ppl see in a cup of tea that they can drink it twice -thrice per day.. i dont even like the smell of it..N abt potatoes.. well ever since i have come to hostel, there's one thing that is always in our mess's menu... aloo.. and i dont wanto have another bite of it..
12. I cry easily.. I cry when i am upset.. i cry when my mom scolds me.. i cry when i dont get good marks.. i cry when i have lots of work to do nd i dont know how to do it.. in short i cry on every occassion when i shd be thinking my way out of that situation.. i eventually figure out wat to do but not before i cry.. :(
13. I sleep with my teddy bear.. well i am not a child and i dont feel scared alone..but i still like to sleep with my teddy bear.. i brought it with me to the hostel.. i even took it with me to the hospital when i was once operated for a minor ailment..
14. I like children..I may someday quit my job ( if i get one in future) and open a creche or a hobby school for children..
15. I have not watched television for last 2 months, and to my disbelief,now i dont even miss it..(we do have a tv and cable connection in our hostel)
16. I like to play a lot of online games.. I can spend my whole day sitting in front of computer and just playing games specially puzzles.. my fav site is
Just 4 more to go.. mayb i'll be able to complete the list..
17. I dont know how to drive a car!!! and i do have a license (which was made when i actually drive d car, not the fake one) but its been so looong when i last drove it that um not sure i remember what to do with clutch,brake and accelerator..
18. Guess what vehicle i know how to drive!!! a bike.. well actually a bicycle :) that too cos in our campus v have to have one..
19. I love my papa sooo much.. :D mum's always scolding me :( and papa never do.. i ask him anything and my wish is granted.. and my brothers never forget to take advantage of it, i am the one to go to him in times of some trouble..
20. the last one.. I dont like chilly winters.. my cheeks become so swollen during winters that their color turns to tomato-red.. and i keep shivering almost all the time, even if i am wearing 3 layers of woolen-clothing..

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